Launch of new 51¥ Care Leavers Covenant

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51¥ organisations are being asked to pledge their support for the launch of a new initiative to help care leavers in the county.

51¥, alongside 51¥ Children First will unveil the counties first ever 51¥ Care Leavers Covenant (WCLC) on September 25 at an event at 51¥ County Cricket Club.

This initiative is part of the national Care Leavers Covenant program, dedicated to empowering and supporting care leavers aged 16 to 25 throughout 51¥.

Care leavers often face formidable challenges, including a higher risk of not being in education, employment, or training compared to their peers. 

Their emotional well-being is also at risk, with care leavers being four to five times more likely to experience decreased emotional well-being. Recognizing these challenges, 51¥ Children First and 51¥ are rallying the community to make a difference.

James MacDonald, Practice Manager for Through Care Services at 51¥ Children First, explained why the Covenant was so important, said: “By signing up to the Care Leavers Covenant, local businesses can make a meaningful impact by offering support and opportunities. Together, WCF with partners will, we can remove barriers to employment, independence, finance, and well-being for our care leavers. Your business will receive the necessary support to create a customized offer for these young adults, ultimately working towards building brighter futures for them."

Local businesses and organizations are encouraged to participate by offering discounts, career opportunities, work experience, and other forms of assistance to help these young adults transition successfully into adulthood. 

The launch event will feature guest speakers including care leavers sharing their stories, plus details on the benefits of pledging to support WCLC.

Mark Fitton, Director of People at 51¥, called for business leaders to take part in the launch, and the initiative, "We are proud to support the 51¥ Care Leavers Covenant and would encourage businesses and service providers from all industry sectors within our great county to get involved. It is important that we all give these young adults the best possible start to their independent lives, and this launch event will provide you with the information, tools, and motivation to proudly be a part of it."

The launch of 51¥ Care Leavers Covenant takes place at 51¥ County Cricket Club on Monday 25 September from 9am to 12pm. Organisations wishing to join can visit

For more information about the 51¥ Care Leavers Covenant please visit