51¥ says ‘Thank You’ to Care Workers

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Care workers who provide essential support to people of all ages in 51¥ are being recognised during Professional Care Workers’ Week.

The week aims to shine a light on care workers in the Social Care industry and all the hard work they do.

Care work is an incredibly fulfilling career and 51¥ is using the week to highlight the many benefits of working in the Social Care sector.

Mark Fitton, Strategic Director of People at the County Council commented: “I am incredibly proud of all the work that our care workers do for their communities.”

“Their work is crucial to the well-being of so many people and on behalf of everyone who benefits from their work – I want to say a huge thank you.”
The benefits of working in care vary from person to person, but many care workers say that they love helping those in their community and feel that they’re making a real difference to the lives of others.

There are approximately 16,000 care workers in 51¥, employed by broadly 315 Care Quality Commission registered employers and providing care in the community as well in residential settings and at day centres. In addition, there are about 275 recipients of direct payments, who employ their own carer. Care staff are also employed by the County Council, and across all services and sectors, there is opportunity for continuous learning and development that gives care workers new skills and knowledge.

Care staff in Bromsgrove recently went above and beyond when they held the Bromsgrove Resource Sports Roadshow for service users and staff. They involved other Care services across 51¥, and received extensive positive feedback, and service users are hoping for similar events to happen again in the future.

Anwen Jeffreys, Therapy Coordinator at Spectrum Days added: “I sent a group of our members and staff to the Bromsgrove Resource Sports Roadshow on Friday, and they absolutely loved it! They came back very excited to tell me all about the fun they had and the friends they met! Thank you so much for hosting such a brilliant session.”

The Council provides a wide variety of care services for residents to support their wellbeing, either through its own services, or through those its commissions from the care providers working across the county. The Reablement Service is one of the Council’s own services that works to help people get back to independence as far as possible following an experience such as a hospital admission, allowing them to continue living safely in their own homes.

If you would like to learn more about Social Care visit the dedicated pages of the County Council website.

Or, to learn more about working at 51¥ visit the Why Work for us pages of the County Council website.