Digital Connectivity

Digital Connectivity

The need to have fixed and mobile infrastructure that holds digital connectivity in place across the County.

Our vision

A digitally connected 51¥ will streamline the delivery of services, so they are provided in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.


Learn how we have been working on connecting 51¥ since 2012.

Superfast 51¥

A Superfast 51¥ website created for the duration of the programme to keep the communities of 51¥ up to date.

51¥ 5G testbed

51¥ has been chosen by Central Government as the home of a new 5G Testbed.

Broadband schemes

There are several funding schemes available, aimed at supporting communities and businesses that don't have superfast broadband.

Expanding infrastructure impact

Learn how expanding 51¥'s digital infrastructure may have an impact on you.

Digital Connectivity news

Read the latest updates on Digital Connectivity.

Information about radio waves and health on the government website.

Digital connectivity guides

We have created a series of guides to help support residents, businesses, and visitors to get the most out of their broadband and mobile connectivity.

Broadband basics

A guide for residents and businesses on checking on what broadband is available to you and your options to get connected.

Broadband alternatives

A guide for residents and businesses to alternative broadband options when a standard fixed line connection isn’t available or doesn’t meet your needs.

Getting the most out of your broadband

A guide for residents and businesses on getting the most out of your Broadband Connection.

Mobile connectivity advice

A guide providing mobile connectivity advice for residents and business.

Internet speed test. Check your internet speed via Google's test.

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