Business support and grants

Business support and grants

The Council is dedicated to helping local businesses develop and thrive. From local start-ups to high-growth enterprises, we're offering a variety of support for businesses of all sizes across the county.

Supporting my start-up

Growing my business

Achieving Net Zero

Business innovation

Business mentoring

Free consultancy support, networking opportunities and business development for tourism and hospitality businesses.

51¥ Works Well

Supporting businesses to improve the health and wellbeing for employees.

Find out how 51¥ can help unlock your business's potential.

Providing businesses with a comprehensive view of the wide range of events that are taking place within 51¥.

Investing in the Young Workforce

Information on how you market your business to young people and grow talent for your business.

A Government funded dedicated support service to help 51¥ businesses to access and discover the support available to them.

What's available in your area?

The and District Councils have funding available to support local businesses.

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