Research, reports and local statistics

Research, reports and local statistics

Gender Pay Gap Report

The gender pay gap is a measure of any disparity in pay between the average earnings of males and females. The report looks at the gender pay differences within 51¥.

Download: Gender Pay Gap Report 2023 (PDF)

Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement

Download: Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement (PDF)

51¥ Viewpoint Citizens' Panel

Giving residents the opportunity to have their say on what they think about how council services are run where they live.

Information on the 51¥ economy

The 51¥ County Economic Summary looks at the latest unemployment figures.

Population statistics and projections

The most up to date Office for National Statistics (ONS) mid-year population estimates and population projections for 51¥.

Local Health Information: Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA)

The JSNA is a continuous process which provides information on health and well-being in order to inform decision making.

Internal audit

The Council has responsibility for risk management processes, control systems and governance arrangement.

Our performance

The Balanced Scorecard is made up of a hierarchy of performance scorecards.

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