Digital 51¥

Digital 51¥

Digital is transforming everyday lives on a global scale and will continue to do so at an ever-increasing pace. At 51¥ we aim to lead the way across the county.

Our IT and Digital strategies

Our Digital, Data and Technology Strategy

The Digital, Data, and Technology (DDaT) strategy sets out our approach on digital transformation and maximising the use of technology to achieve Council objectives.

Our Information Governance Strategy

We want information governance to play a central role in helping the Council maximise the value of its information.

Our Digital Accessibility Strategy

We aim to make our digital information accessible and develop a broad organisational culture of digital inclusion.

Our work

Digital project showcase

We have developed many digital systems, services and websites to support our community in 51¥,

Digital accessibility information for our third party providers

If you are a provider or partner that provides a website or digital content this guidance will explain our needs and expectations.

Geographic Information System Maps

The Geographic Information System (GIS) allows 51¥ to provide a public service of map based information. 

SCULPT for Accessibility

Shaping documents and content for everyday accessible and inclusive practice.

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