Highways licences

Highways licences

Find out more about applying for various different permissions and licences.

Scaffolds, skips and more

Includes licences for: cranes or oversail, fencing, hoardings, Mobile Elevated Working Platforms (MEWP), scaffolding, skips and welfare cabins.

Applications for development agreements, consent or work licences

Information about applying for agreements or works licences such as Sections 38, 50, 58, 171, 184 and 278.

Traffic management applications

Includes: footpath and road closures, speed restrictions, convoy working legal orders, temporary traffic signals, lane closures and requesting to use WCC network as a diversion route.

A Boards on a public highway

Advice on signage such as A Boards placed on a road or highway.

Dropped Kerb

A Vehicular Dropped Kerb (also known as a Dropped Crossing) is constructed where you want to allow cars access to your property by lowering the kerb on a pavement or footway.

Highways licence for tables and chairs

See information on the licensing of tables and chairs on the highway (also known as ‘street amenity’ or ‘pavement licences’).

Highways pre-application advice

Apply for Highways pre-application advice.

Signage and road markings for businesses and tourism

Find out how to apply for new or replacement signage for road marking for businesses or tourism.

Streetscape design guide and specification

Streetscape design guide to aid architects, engineers, planners, developers and designers.

West and Shires Permit (WaSP) Scheme for road space booking

We implemented the West and Shires Permit (WaSP) Scheme on 21 March 2016. 

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