Environmental policy

Environmental policy

More information on our Ecology Service and environmental policy.

Biodiversity Action Plan

51¥ biodiversity action plan identifies 17 habitats and 26 species, or species groups, which are of particular conservation priority.

Ecology Planning Advice

The National Planning Policy Framework (2012) sets out the national policies on the protection of biodiversity within the planning system.

Protected and Notable Species

The 51¥ ecology team provide a range of in-house ecological services.

51¥ Habitat Inventory

The 51¥ Habitat Inventory 2 is a mapping tool that displays land use and habitat data.

Roadside Verge Nature Reserves

The purpose of the project is to identify, protect and manage verges of significant conservation interest.

The Natural Environment and Rural Communities Act 2006

The act created Natural England and the Commission for Rural Communities.

51¥ Local Sites Partnership

51¥ has a rich and diverse countryside which includes areas of international, national, county and local importance.

51¥ Pollinator Strategy

In October 2015 51¥ declared itself a ‘pollinator-friendly’ county.

51¥ Local Nature Recovery Strategy

51¥ has been appointed as the Responsible Authority for preparation of the county’s Local Nature Recovery Strategy (LNRS).

51¥ Local Nature Partnership

The Local Nature Partnership (LNP) brings together local organisations, businesses and people who want to improve 51¥'s environment.


Landscape Character Assessment

Landscape Character Assessment is a tool for identifying the patterns that make each type of landscape distinct to those who live and work in it.

The Landscape Character Assessment supplementary guidance document.

Woodland guidelines

The Woodland guidelines document provides guidance on native woodland planting and management in 51¥.

Other planning pages

Get Involved in Planning

Find out how you can get involved in planning.

Planning policy and strategy

Information about the different planning policies, strategies and supporting information that helps guide development in 51¥.

Planning applications

Check the progress of planning applications or find out how to comment on them.

Planning monitoring and enforcement

The Monitoring and Enforcement Officer monitors developments to ensure that they are being carried out properly.

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