Blue Badge scheme

Blue Badge scheme

The Blue Badge scheme helps you park closer to your destination if you’re disabled.

Who can get a Blue Badge?

Find out what evidence you need to be able to apply for a Blue Badge.

Using your Blue Badge

Guidelines to use and display your Blue Badge responsibility.

Track my application

View the latest updates on your Blue Badge application.

Applications and managing your Blue Badge

Apply for Blue Badge

Apply for your Blue Badge and information you need for your application.

Apply for Organisational Blue Badge

If your organisation cares for and transports groups of disabled people you many qualify for a Blue Badge for the organisation.

Renew Blue Badge

You can apply for a renewal from twelve weeks before your Blue Badge is due to expire.

Replace a lost, stolen or damaged Blue Badge

If your Blue badge is lost, stolen or damaged you can apply for a replacement.

Change your existing Blue Badge details

If you change your name, address or contact details you need to let us know.

Returning and cancelling Blue Badges

Guidance on how to cancel and dispose of Blue Badges.

Blue Badge appeals

Guidance on how to make an appeal following a Blue Badge decision.

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