Employer Engagement

Employer Engagement

Join the network of over 140 51¥ businesses and organisations who have pledged to support our Armed Forces Community.

The nation has made a promise to those who are serving or have served, along with their families, known as the Armed Forces Covenant. Companies and non-profits can sign the Armed Forces Covenant and promise to provide their own support in return.

Support from businesses and organisations can take different shapes and will often depend on the size and nature of each organisation. It might be supporting your employees who are members of the Armed Forces, or making a commitment to hiring spouses or providing discounts. By signing up, you are advertising yourself as an Armed Forces-friendly organisation.

Signing the Covenant is straight forward with no costs involved. 

Benefits of joining

It also comes with a range of benefits to businesses and organisations including:

  • being part of a national and local network of organisations with shared social and corporate commitment
  • attracting new talent to your organisation who bring military and transferable skills by posting your vacancies on specialist employment portals
  • developing new audiences/ customers to your business
  • the option to offer discounts by being part of the Defence Discount Service - the only official discount service for the Armed Forces
  • new networking opportunities with the  and  networks
  • enriching funding applications for non-profit or charities
  • providing opportunity to get involved with Armed Forces Day and related events
  • enabling your organisation to go above and beyond to apply for the

Sign up

The Covenant is usually signed by someone in authority; this could be the CEO or HR Director. It can also be counter-signed by a member of the Armed Forces at a public event.

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