Healthy 51¥

Healthy 51¥

Find out about the Healthy 51¥ programme, including group-based lifestyle support and community safety advice.

Coming to your community very soon

The Healthy 51¥ Programme will offer an integrated range of health improvement services in a way that brings people together and builds social connections, all made available closer to where people are living.

Weekly sessions will be run in local venues within the heart of communities. They will offer:

  • strength and balance programmes
  • healthy lifestyle advice
  • community safety information
  • links to a wide range of other health promoting activities in the local community

The aim will be to provide a positive experience for our residents which enables them to achieve the best physical, mental, and social wellbeing possible. It will be a single point of access which will be available outside of normal working hours where residents can be assessed, supported, referred and registered.

Residents will be able to book online, via telephone or turn up on the day to access strength and balance sessions, as well as group-based lifestyle support and community safety advice.

If you are looking to join a local group, take part in a healthy activity, or get involved with your local community then soon you won't have to look far away. 

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